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lunedì 27 agosto 2012

CD A 5 EURO (o una birra media, va bene uguale)

Continuano le "pulizie" di garage e cantina ed ecco tornare alla ribalta
altri tesori nascosti accumulati negli anni.
L'elenco che segue riguarda CD originali che metto in vendita a 5 euro cad.

Aldo NOVA Subject 1983
ATROCITY Atlantis 2004
ATTACK The secret place 1995
AVALON Mystic places 1997
AVALON Vision eden 1998
AVALON Eurasia 2000
BAILEY'S COMET Judgement day 2001
BLACK ABYSS Land of darkness 2000
BONHAM Mad hatter 1992
BULLET BOYS Freak show 1991
C.I.T.A (Caught in the act) Heat of emotion 1996
CAIRO Cairo 1994
CHALICE Digital boulevard 2000
DARK AVENGER Dark avenger 2000
DEVILDRIVER The last kind words 2007
DGM Change direction 1997
DGM Wings of time 1999
ELDRITCH Seeds of rage 1995
EXISES Reternity 1996
Ferdy DOERNBERG Just a piano and a handful of dreams 1995
FINISTERRA Als die erde eine scheisse war….. 2001
HEAVENS FIRE The outside 2000
HONEYCRACK Prozaic 1996
I LOVE YOU I love you 1991
IN EXTREMO Die verruckten sind in der stadt - Live 1998
IN.SI.DIA Guarda dentro te 1995
KARMA Inside the eyes 2000
KENZINER Time scape 1998
KING'S X Faith, hope, love 1990
Lee AARON Some girls do 1991
LITTLE ANGELS Too posh to mosh, too good to last! 1994
LYZANXIA Eden 2001
Mark BOALS Ring of fire 2000
MD. 45 The craving 1996
POWER OF OMENS Eyes of the oracle 1998
ROUGH SILK Circle of pain 1996
SAVIOUR MACHINE Legend - part 1 1997
SEA OF DREAMS Dawn of time 1996
SKULLVIEW Kings of the universe 1999
SKYCLAD Live at the Dynamo - Live 2002
SWEET LIZARD ILLTET Sweet lizard illtet 1992
THUNDERKRAFT Totentanz 2012
THY MAJESTIE Hastings 1066 2002
UNCLE SAM Fourteen women… Fifteen days 1991
WHITE TRASH White trash 1991

Si o si que?


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